Vision therapy for Post-Trauma Vision Syndrome

eyeDOCS is a primary eye care clinic providing comprehensive eye exams and specialized services such as vision therapy. Vision therapy refers to a customized program of visual activities designed to correct certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills. It is like physical therapy for the visual system. A visual skills assessment is performed prior to initiating vision therapy. This includes a series of tests performed in order to establish how well the patient’s eyes work together and how the brain (visual system) processes the information collected by the eyes . Patients that suffer from Post-Trauma Vision Syndrome may experience significant eyestrain, headaches, visual discomfort, visual fatigue, dizziness, poor depth perception and poor spatial orientation. Vision therapy is performed under the supervision of an optometrist and vision therapist. The exercises prescribed are chosen to meet each patient’s specific needs. They are completed once a week in our office with appointments lasting about 45min. Home exercises are also prescribed to reinforce the in-office activities.

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