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Online In-Service Training for Home Health Aide

Nevvon is a global healthcare education company with an advanced e-training platform designed to simplify mandatory annual education for caregivers. Everything takes place through our simple, intuitive and user-centric app that lets your caregivers easily educate themselves at their pace and on their schedule. Our platform simplifies and streamlines your regulatory requirements in any province/territory/State so you can focus on what matters most: running a successful business.

Simple. Relevant. Progressive.

Nevvon was born out of a clear need in the marketplace.

Every year, healthcare companies spend countless hours and thousands of dollars to ensure that the caregivers they hire and place are skilled, trained, educated and certified according to the precise requirements of the state they operate in. We know because we used to be one of them. This antiquated process is inefficient and expensive, not to mention the fact that there are a host of other issues that often occur along the way.

We started by building a comprehensive education platform exclusive to caregivers, which covers a wide range of subjects including dementia care, respiratory diseases, falls prevention, etiquette, sexual harassment training and many more. After performing market tests, conducting surveys and running focus groups to gain valuable data, Nevvon identified the precise user app preferences of our target audience. We took this information and developed our own mobile app to cater to these very preferences.

We provide you with precisely what you need today, so you can create a better tomorrow. Our product and service are designed to be perceptive and straightforward from end to end, and we make sure we’re always informed, up to date and on par.

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