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A practise management software that connects members of the healthcare community through seamless and accessible integration. The C3 team understands that efficient and effective healthcare requires detailed and timely collaboration through a full continuum of care. C3’s integrated experience allows for a secure way of sharing and appropriately evaluating sensitive/confidential information for mutual clients/patients while assisting with the timely coordination of services and/or healthcare products with vendors and healthcare professionals.

C3 has teamed up with NeuroFit VR boasting the power of integration while offering a full suite of cognitive assessments and VR related functional activities for both the desktop and virtual reality realms.   NeuroFit VR can customize the provider’s data driven dashboard to assist clinicians to focus their assessments and/or treatment related programming specifically their client/patient’s needs.   These evidence based assessments and/or treatment programs allow for healthcare professionals address difficulties such as but not limited to; executive functioning, memory and thought processing speed, mental health, decision making, impulse control and range of motion.   C3 and Neurofit are offering a full 360 view of an individual’s care, while giving healthcare providers the tools needed to make informed decisions to help improve the health outcomes for the people they serve.

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