The 2021 Brain Injury Canada Conference is now over. Thank you for joining us. If you are still interested in watching the presentations, you can register and watch the recordings on our event platform!

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Navigating the landscape of brain injury

Day 1
02 Jun 2021

We All Belong to Each Other: Rehabilitation as a Social Imperative

Life following brain injury – for individuals and families and friends and the professionals who support them – can be dominated by frustration, confusion, withdrawal, anger, and sadness. With these...
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Tim Feeney

COVID-19 & The Brain: The pandemic and isolation’s impact on cognitive function

Since the onset of COVID-19, Dr. Connolly and his team have been observing the virus’ impact on the brain. The virus has been linked to cognitive issues in a significant...
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John Connolly
12:30 - 12:55

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Caring for Self, While Caring for Others: Compassion Fatigue to Resilience

This workshop will draw on evidence from the field of trauma and mental health to identify the impact of stress on caregivers who juggle caring for a family member with...
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Rebecca Brown, MSW, RSW

Trauma Informed Care

Trauma Informed Care is an approach to engaging people with a history of trauma that recognizes the presence of trauma symptoms and acknowledges the role that trauma has played in...
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Nadia La Rosa, MSW
14:20 - 14:45

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Moving Ahead. Exploring Incidence, Consequences, and Supports for Women Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury in Intimate Partner Violence

Survivors of intimate partner violence (IPV) are at high risk of acquiring a brain injury (BI). While BIs are often thought to be most common among athletes; a growing body of emerging research indicates...
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Karen Mason
Paul van Donkelaar

Sex and gender implications for clinicians attending to patients with traumatic brain injury

The initiation and translation of sex-and gender-specific research findings into clinically useful considerations in traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been difficult, despite evidence that biological sex (i.e., which constitutes the biological and physiological bases that...
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Sara Hanafy
Tatyana Mollayeva
Day 2
03 Jun 2021

Assessing and treating the diffuse lesion of traumatic brain injury: neuroimaging, neuropsychology, and neurorehabilitation

In this talk, I will demonstrate how diffuse damage due to TBI and other conditions gives rise to common behavioural deficits involving attention and executive functions, often with substantial consequences...
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Brian Levine

Healing at the Intersections

This presentation will explore intersections of race and identity, and how individuals of traditionally marginalized groups experience and access healthcare differently. Through a brief recount of historical and current examples,...
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Natalie Guimond, BA, MSW, RSW
12:30 - 12:55

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Digital Transformation in the Post-Pandemic Health System

This presentation will examine the acceleration of digitally enabled care delivery in Canadian health systems and consider the opportunities and value of digital transformation for citizens, their families, the health...
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Anne Snowdon, RN, PhD, FAAN

Bridging Between Obstacles: Surviving the ABI Journey from Acute to Community Care

The journey of an ABI Survivor is not linear nor ‘one size fits all’.  Obstacles that impede recovery are individualized, inescapable, immobilizing – they are barriers to navigating back to...
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Shanda Hunter-Trottier
Judith Johnston

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The injured brain: Using cannabis and hemp to navigate the day

In this presentation, Dr Neary will discuss the body’s endocannabinoid system, what it is, how it is regulated, and how is it affected during brain injury, and what are ways to help the...
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Patrick Neary

Better Together: an Inclusive Partnership

Better Together.  British trademark humour and balanced firsthand view provided by a severe TBI & PTSD survivor, 3 years out from the date of injury. Focusing on the good and...
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Paul Rogers