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Day 1
17 May 2023

TBI and the Criminal Justice System: Intersectionality and TBI among Marginalized and Underserved Communities

Traumatic Brain Injury is highly prevalent among those in the criminal justice system (CJS) for both youth and adults as TBI is a risk factor for initial criminal involvement as...
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Catherine Wiseman-Hakes

Traumatic brain injury in Vancouver’s unstably housed persons: incidence, risks, and effects.

We have been following a cohort of over 500 housing-insecure, marginalized participants from Vancouver’s downtown eastside neighbourhood since 2010. Tenants revolve in and out of homelessness and experience high mortality,...
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Will Panenka

Exhibit Hall

Skills for Supporting Gender and Sexually Diverse Patients

This recorded session led by the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD) will equip providers with basic knowledge around gender identity, expression, their differentiations from biological sex, as...
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Eliot Newton
Janani Suthan

Exhibit Hall

Brain Injury as a Chronic Health Condition

Growing evidence demonstrates brain injury can be a chronic, dynamic health condition with persistent health and psychosocial issues. Chronic brain injury requires a comprehensive model for proactive management encompassing health...
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John D. Corrigan

Individual Journeys and Collective Learning: Patient and Provider Perspectives on the Transformative Possibilities of Disability Identity

Presented by two brain injury survivors and advocates who have experienced long-term symptoms stemming from “mild” Traumatic Brain Injuries, this presentation explores the impact of systemic ableism and the ways...
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Kyla Jamieson
Lauren Fehlings
Day 2
18 May 2023

Toxic brain injury: A hidden epidemic within the drug toxicity crisis

In this discussion, we will take an overview of the drug toxicity crisis as it relates to brain injury. We will touch on hypoxic/anoxic injury, fentanyl and proposed excitotoxic mechanism,...
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Elizabeth Plant

There’s Nothing Like a Brain Hemorrhage to Refocus the Mind

Dan shares the medical journey he faced after his life was turned upside down by a serious brain hemorrhage. He focuses on how you can build a resilient mindset in...
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Daniel MacQueen

Exhibit Hall

Perspectives on Brain Development and First Nations Mental Health

Disparities in health and mental health among Indigenous peoples living in Canada are striking. However, there is limited capacity to clinically support in partnership with communities in a manner that...
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Dr. Christopher Mushquash

Helping the Helper: Practical Tools for Supporting Women Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence Related Brain Injury

Every year thousands of women experience intimate partner violence (IPV), receiving injuries to the face, head, and neck, a pattern of violence causing brain injuries in many survivors. In an...
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Lin Haag

Exhibit Hall

A Toolkit for At-Risk Patients Expressing Desire for Discharge

Acquired brain injuries (ABI) can be associated with cognitive, behavioral, physical, and psychosocial difficulties that endure far beyond medical-surgical stabilization in acute care hospital.  The goals of post-acute ABI inpatient rehabilitation...
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Jordan Pelc
Rosanna Macri
Sameera Khalid

Ethics in Healthcare Delivery: Professional Boundaries

As part of developing therapeutic relationships with clients/patients, there is often consideration about what it means to maintain professional boundaries. This presentation will focus on the role and meaning of...
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Christy Simpson