Give the brain a voice

VoxNeuro scores multiple core cognitive functions to support:

  • proactive brain health
  • informed clinical decision-making
  • customized care 

By analyzing the electrical activity of the brain, we score its cognitive performance in memory, information processing, attention & concentration. 

For healthcare providers, VoxNeuro helps to elevate the evaluation of your cognitive function with rapid, objective and actionable data. Cognitive function is an imperative component of your overall brain health. 

VoxNeuro complements clinical protocols to track your cognitive health over time, provide valuable data to the diagnostic process, and help inform customized treatment strategies. 

With repeat assessments throughout treatment, your healthcare team can use your cognitive scores to track your progress and confirm if treatment strategies are working, which helps to maximize your outcomes and expedite your recovery timelines.


VoxNeuro is a data-driven Canadian neuroscience and health tech company positioned to globally change the way brain health is managed and treated. 

With our rapid, precise scores of your cognitive function, we give your brain a voice.

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