Lived Experience Video Presentations

Accepting submissions for 2023

Video presentation applications are due by December 9, 2022

Brain Injury Canada is holding a virtual conference on May 17 & 18 for healthcare and health service providers.  Our goal with this conference is to provide practical education on a variety of topics to better inform and improve their delivery and service and care. 

Who better to contribute to this education than persons living with brain injury or a caregiver/family member?

We are looking for individuals interested in recording a 10-minute presentation to be included on the conference virtual platform. Presentations should have a clear structure, and an accompanying slide presentation is preferred. We want this to be a positive and engaging learning experience for all so presentations should be constructive in nature.

Presentations can include any or all of the following:

  • What can you share that has changed/ helped your life?
  • What strategies helped you in your recovery or that of a love one ?
  • What do you think healthcare providers need to know to better support their clients/patients and their families?
  • What have been the most challenging part of living with brain injury?
  • What do you have to say to inspire attendees in their work?

While every person’s story is worthy of sharing, we are only able to select a limited number of videos. Individuals selected to record will be provided with a $50 honourarium for their contribution. Selections will be made in December, with video filming starting in January 2023.

    Questions can be directed to Michelle McDonald, Executive Director of Brain Injury Canada at [email protected]